Overview of Flutter world’s content

In Flutter World, we create high-quality content to help new developers start their careers in Mobile App Development. We also help seasoned developers to advance their skills to land a better job or project. We make sure that our content is of the highest quality and value. Keep an eye on different forms of content such as videos, articles, web stories, and exercises to learn and practice.

Helping the students who haven’t done any programming at all ( it’s ok if you have done some basic programming) to land a job is the main objective of Flutter World.

Our published contents and study materials can be classified into the following sections.

Content Section Division

I. Getting Started with Dart Programming

Considering the fact many students may not have any programming we will start with the basics of Dart Programming that will create the foundation for the flutter development. We will cover the following topics while learning dart.

Dart Basics, which includes History, Dart Syntax, Variables and Datatypes, Keywords, Operators, Control Flow Statements, and Loops along with the practice questions to test the understanding.

Dart Functions, which includes the types of the function, arguments, parameters, return type, etc with examples and quizzes to understand better. Dart Collections, will give us an idea of how we work with complex data from the backend and integrate with the Dart applications.

Object Oriented Programming, section will be one of the most important sections that will create a strong foundation for developing high-quality, maintainable, and testable code.

Exception Handling, the common thing we as developers face is exceptions ( also known as errors) that make our apps buggy and sometimes result in crashing. Learning how to handle the exceptions will be the key to unlocking the true potential of a developer.

Null Safety and Operators, while working with the optional data such as the middle name of the user, we face the very common error null error. Dart has beautifully tackled this error with null safety. Learning about this will be fun.

Miscellaneous Articles, updates, news, and topics that don’t fit in the above categories will be listed here.

II. Understanding the Fundamentals of Flutter

From setting up the development environment to understanding the different important building blocks to create a beautiful app will be covered here. Flutter, Google developed UI toolkit has offered comprehensive frameworks to build natively compiled applications for mobile ( iOS and Andriod), web, and desktop with a single codebase.

This made the development cycle a lot easier and faster. Understanding concepts such as Widgets, Layout Building, and learning to navigate from one screen to another is the foundation of flutter development. Widgets are the building blocks of any Flutter apps ( similar to components in React) that give developers power to craft performant and visually appealing applications.

We will learn to make use of basic concepts in this section.

III. Creating our first app using Flutter

In this section, we will learn to develop and assemble all the concepts to build a simple application and understand how widgets work together to formulate any screen of the app.

Starting with the setting up the flutter project followed by understanding the project structure we will kick off our development journey. We will learn how to add functionality and interactivity to the application using the different types of widgets Flutter offers.

We will understand how to lift the state in Flutter using the basic utility function built into the Flutter framework.

IV. Advanced Flutter concepts

Flutter has a lot of things to explore and learn, which helps to build a robust and bug-free application. We will discuss the concepts below in this section:

  • Discuss the concepts of state management in detail
  • Learning how to use the popular libraries such as Provider, Bloc, Get, etc
  • Understand the importance of routing and navigation in Flutter Apps
  • Handling user inputs and gestures in a flutter
  • Learning to write unit tests, integration tests, and widget tests.
  • Setting up ci/cd pipelines using GitHub actions, code magic, and Fastlane.
  • Learning advanced concepts like push notifications, remote config, AB testing using Firebase, setting up analytics, publishing the app to the Play Store and App Store, etc.
  • Project ideas to enhance the CV and portfolio.

And more of such concepts that will make the development journey easy and fulfilling as a developer.

V. Tips and Tricks for Flutter Development

In this section, we will understand the best practices to follow which make the code efficient and maintainable keeping the room for writing tests. We will understand how to use the dev tools available in Flutter to debug and troubleshoot the apps to increase the performance and reliability of the application. Additional tips and habits that will make us better developers will be discussed in this section.

VI. Preparing for the Job Interview

In this section, our sole focus will be on how to perform better in job interviews. We will also some projects that can be mentioned in the CV that will help to stand out from other applicants. We will help you create a CV that will work and make it appealing with the contents and projects.

We will not only discuss technical questions but also logical, behavioral questions that will play a part in getting that job you’ve targeted.

For those who want to start freelancing as a career we will help you with that as well.

Miscellaneous Articles Articles that cannot be classified in the above sections will be published in these sections. This section will mostly contain How-to types of articles and some common errors that every Flutter developer faces while learning to code.

“How to change the icon of the Flutter app after it is been published”, this kind of article will find its place in this section.

To conclude, our Flutter World will cover as many concepts and topics that are required to make your journey a success.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the primary focus of Flutter World’s content?

Flutter World is dedicated to helping both new and seasoned developers excel in the journey. Our contents will be structured in a way that is easily distinctive and accessible to meet the needs of the students.

2. How does Flutter World assist beginners in programming in Dart?

Our contents will start from the basics assuming the student doesn’t have any prior coding experience and progress easily. Every topic will also be explained in videos which will make it easier to understand.

3. How does Flutter World help developers prepare for job interviews? Flutter World will guide you in the process of making a CV and projects to showcase skills. We will also prepare you with a bunch of technical, logical, and behavioral questions.

4. How does Flutter World Facilitate hands-on learning?

After every lesson, there will be a quiz and exercises to follow that will help you try out things.

Get ready to follow the long yet rewarding journey with us!🚀